We believe that life is lived better debt free - and we have built our Company around the simple philosophy that our success depends on your success.
At NetDebt, you have a partner to help you preserve your financial integrity and become debt free through our debt negotiation program.
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Getting into debt isn't always a choice, getting out of it is

Today, millions of people find themselves over their head in debts that they couldn't avoid. It's often a situation that gets worse without a clear plan, budget and expert assistance. That's where NetDebt can help. We negotiate deeply discounted settlements on your accounts directly with your creditors, but we only work with informed, serious individuals that are committed to getting their financial house in order.

Absolutely no fees or payments until your debts are successfully negotiated

Our team has effectively helped thousands of individuals settle hundreds of millions of unsecured debt with our proven approach. We are so confident we can settle your creditor balances at a significant reduction, we receive no payment or fees until we have successfully settled your debts for you.